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Balbo Medical Systems, founded by Enrico Balbo in 1988, after many years of technical and managing experience acquired working for large and successful multinational companies in Mirandola, Italy, a hub for biomedical innovation in Europe, started his own activity and had been working ever since as an engineering consultant in the medical device field.
Balbo Medical Systems, over the following years, has passionately engaged in diverse customer’s projects that spanned multiple countries, including Italy, Thailand, Germany, the United States, and Mexico, by relying upon the collaboration of a group of qualified engineering specialists and referring to a suitable network of highly specialized companies with expertise in various technical domains and manufacturing sectors.
These consulting services, spanning over three decades, mostly included, but were not limited to, projects and development of manufacturing facilities, utility plants, design and development of plastic parts and finished medical devices, tools for injection molding processes, and automated assembly equipment for medical devices.
Balbo Medical Systems, in addition to the consulting business, by leveraging on the deep-rooted experience and insights from North America markets, devoted significant time and efforts to establish a thriving distribution arm, whose core business is centred around Italian-made technical products and equipment, specializing from cutting-edge control instruments for precision leak-testing in industrial processes, and extending to environmental quality control, particularly in monitoring pollution levels in both industrial and urban settings.

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Our mission is to create new Customers, which represent the real wealth of the company and are the main reason that justify our efforts in the products innovation, in the organization of our structure and in the improvement of our efficiency. The profit that the company gets from its business is the measure of the degree of satisfaction of the customers.

Quality Policy

The Quality System the company refers to is based on the compliance with the guidelines and the operation rules of the ISO 9001, the ISO 13485, and the Quality System Regulations 21 CFR Part 820.
The inspiring principle of our Quality Policy can be shortly summarized in the simple rule of “To document what we do and to do what we document.”
The constant application of this rule in our Quality Manual and its prompt and adequate upgrade to business and operative variables, are the two pillars for our Quality Policy.

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